Benefits of Social Intelligence and How to Train It

High social intelligence makes a person good at getting along, interacting, and adapting to the social environment around him. Social intelligence is the ability and skill possessed by a person in interacting socially with the people around him and establishing relationships with community groups. Interaction in words and behavior or neuroscience is very necessary for social life, which can be judged from the mindset, way of speaking, and being able to understand other people, often people with social intelligence can provide motivation and are able to work together with others.

Someone who has good social intelligence will have many friends, good at communicating, be easy to adapt to a social environment and his activities can be useful not only for himself but also for others. Someone who has social intelligence can maintain the sentences he says and behaves in social situations, and has high self-confidence when interacting with social groups.

Characteristics of people with social intelligence

Social intelligence can be used in various ways, including:

Listen and respond during social interactions

People who have good social intelligence not only hear a little when other people talk or think, but with high social intelligence they also listen and can respond with all their heart and mind, thus giving a sense of respect when talking and interacting.

Speak and think well

You must have chatted and exchanged opinions on various things, then you get a response that makes you feel excited and wants to share more opinions with the person, the atmosphere provided can be judged that the person has high social intelligence so he can discuss various topics well, and provide thoughtful responses, do not offend or cross the line, and also provide some appropriate jokes when talking.

Have a reputation

Reputation or character that is considered good by social groups is one of the benchmarks in assessing a person’s social intelligence because people who have high social intelligence always maintain a reputation that will get a good assessment from the social environment.

How to develop social intelligence?

Social intelligence is an ability that can be developed, what are the ways to develop social intelligence?

  1. Listen and see in detail when interacting
  2. Improve emotional intelligence
  3. Respect differences
  4. Active listening practice
  5. Respect others