Finding Parallels Between Drugs and Life

Everything You Didn’t Know About the 5 Panel Drug Screen.

Drugs have a way of interfering with the functionality of people and this is why as an entrepreneur you do not want your workers coming to work under the influence of drugs. Because they have the freedom to do whatever they wish during their own time, you can protect yourself from legal implications due to intoxicated employees by making sure they undergo routine drug tests occasionally. When it comes to drug testing, the 5-panel drug test is one of the most common ones. Cocaine is one of the drugs that will be tested for when people undergo the 5-panel drug test. This is a highly addictive drug which is why it is a schedule 2 of drugs with a high potential for abuse. If used regularly, it causes physical dependence and severe psychological issues which is why it is considered one of the most dangerous drugs. Dependency can make people act in a weird manner which means you cannot allow employees who are using this substance in your premises.

If you have some background information on drug testing you will know that amphetamines are a common drug and many people can get hooked into it. These are sold in form of pills and they are snorted after the user crushes them. Besides being a stimulant, users experience decreases appetite. People who want to stay awake and alert for longer than their body can naturally handle find refuge in amphetamines. It is common for people to be working on beating deadlines but this does not mean drugs have to be involved in the process because if the person was to put more efforts in researching ways to stay on for long he or she would find a legal one without bringing in drugs. Some employees may make you believe that they were using the amphetamines for the good of the company but this does not mean you have to let the misconduct slide because soon it might become a habit.

The next class of drugs included in the panel is methamphetamines. You can get the product in powder form or it can be crystallized. one thing about meth is that it is not cooked in conventional laboratories which is why the producers have to settle for cooking in their own houses or improvised structures and for this reason the drug testers have had a difficult time establishing the strength of the compound as well as the composition. It gives increased sense of focus, energy and even euphoric experiences. The tolerance to meth is very high which is why users will require more of the substance next time in order to get the same level of high they had reached before. You cannot rely on employers who have a drug dependency and drug testing is something you have to take seriously.

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