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Things to Consider Before Having Tooth Jewelry

Tooth jewelry was originally popularized in the US and since then, it spread across various parts of the globe. Such jewelry can be seen as another way of expressing one’s self which may bring another sparkle and dimension to your smile. Tooth jewel can really draw people’s attention to your mouth every time you smile which subtly accentuates a brighter smile with foolproof elegance.

It is recommended that you pay a visit to a professional if you want to install tooth jewelry. Well preferably, go to a qualified and experienced dentist in doing the procedure as only dental professionals can provide correct and precise fitting of your jewel. The procedure is pain free and quick to the point that it can be done in 10 minutes or less. A strong adhesive glue is what used in applying the gem of your choice. Enamel on your tooth’s surface does not need to be drilled or prepared.

Before you move forward with the procedure and have the jewelry fitted, expect that you will first go through a dental consultation to assess whether you need to undergo dental works. If there are problems identified, then these should be rectified first before the gem is applied. The dentist want to make sure that the enamel on the tooth to which it will be applied is healthy, strong and of course problem free. On the other hand, if things doesn’t go to plan, what your dentist will do is check the rest of your teeth and see other areas where they can fit tooth jewelry.

When the dentist is satisfied with both your oral and dental health, that’s the time when he/she will be showing you your options to put. The surface of the tooth and its surrounding area at the same time will be cleaned thoroughly. Before putting the jewel on the tooth, dentist will slightly rough up the surface. Your dentist will be giving you detailed list of aftercare procedures that you have to do. Say that you do experience any kind of pain or discomfort or if the jewel falls, contact your dentist as soon as possible.

Usually, a tooth jewelry is going to last for approximately 6 to 12 months. It depends largely on where you have installed the stone, your eating patterns as well as your dental and oral hygiene on how long your tooth jewelry will last.

The role of the dentist who will do the procedure to you will significantly affect the outcome so see to it that you have done enough research on your prospect.