How to Choose the Right Reading Glasses

Choosing the right reading glasses for your needs can be quite confusing because of the wide variety of frame, lens, and coating options available.

What is the function of reading glasses?

Reading glasses are glasses specially designed to help users read something at close range, for example when reading a book or a screen on a computer, smartphone, or other electronic gadget. Reading glasses are usually available in two types, namely reading glasses prescription and non-prescription glasses.

Non-prescription reading glasses are generally only for temporary or short-term use. This type of reading glasses is suitable for those of you who have equal vision in both eyes and do not suffer from astigmatism.

For those of you who have astigmatism, myopia, or other serious vision conditions, or if you want reading glasses for long-term use, then prescription reading glasses are the right choice.

Choosing reading glasses and when to need reading glasses.

Trouble focusing when reading, drawing, sewing, or viewing text on your phone. Have a headache or tired eyes after trying to read. If you experience this problem, it’s a good idea to consult a doctor first.

Choose the type of reading glasses lens

  • Single lens
    A single lens is a lens that has one size with one focal point. This lens is good for those of you who have eye disorders such as myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism.
  • Bifocal lens
    This lens has 2 focus points and is usually used for those of you who have presbyopia. Bifocal lenses function to help both far and near vision at the same time, by using only one lens.
  • Progressive lens
    Progressive lenses have the same function as bifocals but differ in a smooth transition line between the far and near focus areas without a dividing line.

How to choose the size of reading glasses

Reading glasses come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller, narrower lenses can work well for weaker prescriptions. But for stronger prescriptions, a larger lens shape is a more appropriate choice. If the lens is too small, you may experience vision distortion or a prism effect.

The strength of the necessary reading glasses lenses will usually increase with age. However, it is highly recommended that you continue to check the condition of your eyes at the nearest optician to get the most appropriate size glasses for your needs.