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Guidelines on How to Buy the Best Crabs.

The crabs are delicious when the meal is prepared right. If you have never eaten the meal of crabs then you should try to know what you have missed over the time by having a goal of eating the meal. On the other hand, the crabs are expensive when ordered in a hotel and most people especially those with families will always buy crabs for them to cook. Some of the people will purchase uncooked crabs to prepare them at home just to save some amount of money.

The crab you buy should be alive and not dead. You will have to get the food poisoning or just throw the meat from the crab away if you bought the dead crab since its meat spoils faster. Both methods will end up you losing some amount of money since whenever you have the food poisoning you have to take medications which will consume cash and if you throw the meat away you will end up losing the purchasing cost. The crab which is active will be aggressive or else it will move when you poke it with a stick.

The abdomen of the crab should be considered. The abdomen of the female will be broad and rounded while that of a male is narrow. Most of the people prefer the males since the females will be left to reproduce. Females are delicious, and hence some people will prefer to eat the male crabs. However, you can still know whether the crab is fleshy if the belly if firm. A crab which is meaty is what you expect.

Much meat is obtained from a crab which is older but not the young crabs. Since the meat is all you need from the crab then you should choose the mature ones. Whenever you are buying the crabs you should check the flattened claws to get the mature crabs since the younger ones will have sharp ones.

You should consider the shell of the crab. The dull, weary shells will be of the mature crabs, and the shiny and shapely ones will indicate the crab is young. You should get the crab with weary shell since you need a tasty meat.

The size of your family should be considered. The capacity of the crab purchased will depend on the number of family member since some might be many while others are just the two of them. If you have several children, then you can buy many crabs. Most of the sellers will have a number of measures when they are selling them.

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